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A persona is the character a person choses to play in the SCA. One's persona is a fictional character based on a time and place that interests the player. Every persona is assumed to be of a noble bloodline unless the player chooses otherwise. Click here to be taken to a page of resources for creating a persona. This page is specific to creating a name for your persona. Titles in the SCA, on the other hand, are earned by various means, through victory on the field, service to many, or excellence in some area(s). This page gives definitions for many things in the SCA, to include the various titles and the awards that convey them.

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Alberic Haak
Aneria verch Thomas
Eduard Theobolt
Egon the Sequesterous
Elisa von Sophey
Helmut Fleischer
Issobella de Johnstone
Juda the Many Named
Karl Helweg
Malcolm von Freiberg
Margaret McCallum
Martigan the Mad
Mary of the White Wolves
Nigel Lostwolf
Olympia Ptolemy
Prince Nathan Shumann
Rowland of the Normandy Hill




Seneschal - Aneria verch Thomas
Deputy Seneschal for the Northern Reaches of Earngyld - Rahl Shumann
Other Deputy Senechals - Ciaran Blackthorn, Elisa von Sophey
Exchequer - Eduard Theobolt
Constable - Hagar MacAndrew
Marshal - Karl Helweg
Heavy Marshal - Karl Helweg
Target Archery Marshal - Elisa von Sophey
Combat Archery Marshal - Elisa von Sophey
Rapier Marshal - Eduard Theobolt
Senior Heavy Weapons Marshal-at- Large - Alberic Haak
Iron Key - Karl Helweg
Herald-at-Large - Alberic Haak Chatelaine - Mary of the White Wolves
Gold Key - vacant
Arts and Sciences - Elisa von Sophey
Chiurgeon - Aneria verch Thomas
Chronicler - vacant
Web Minister - Irial Blackthorn