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Master Alberic Haak (Albie)

In 1339 a young boy from the cantons that were to become Switzerland was employed by the French under King Phillip to spy on the English King Edward, who was currently conquering the French countryside. Young Albie’s most convincing cover of a chamber pot boy gave him intimate access to the English army’s camp. It is hard to keep secrets from the boy who empties your chamber pot!

King Edward struck upon the idea of raising morale by dramatically knighting over a dozen men right before the French attack. Hearing a great noise go up in the French camp King Edward dashed from his tent in the predawn light where several clever squires happened to be waiting after catching rumors of his plan. With shining sword drawn King Edward rounded up every strapping lad who he could find in the near dark and knighted them on the spot! Unfortunately, the French army was not attacking and had actually been driven into panic and retreat by a hare. These somewhat unfortunate gentles became known as the Knights of the Hare and their exploits became legendary as they fought to overcome the stigma of their knighting. Albie just happened to be standing there with a full bucket under his arm which was mistaken for a great helm.

Deciding that discretion was certainly the better part of valor (and knowing it would be hard to answer questions), Albie departed that assignment without getting his real name recorded on the knighting rolls. His continued success as a chamber pot emptying spy against the English, French, Holy Roman Empire, and Burgundians eventually got him recognition by his homeland on one of the very few occasions that he decided to file a report on what all he had spied out. He is now titled Master Alberic Haak and took a hare as his device as a reminder of his misadventures.






Albie's device