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Lord Eduard Theobolt
The Wandering Alchemist

Eduard Theobolt was raised just outside of Salzburg, Austria, and apprenticed to a blacksmith when he became old enough in about 1210. He found out about alchemy from a traveling curiosities show and taught himself the craft. The apprenticeship didn't last that long after that as he began experimenting with various substances that he found around the forge or that he bought himself. Some of those experiments had explosive results, and he was kicked out when one of said experiments resulted in destroying half the forge. For the next few years he wandered around the countryside making up various concoctions and selling some as cure-alls and others as poisons or weapons. He also became very skilled in the art of turning various metals into gold *cough..deception..cough*, and gained a rather good reputation from some of the lower nobility (aka the ones who didn't see through the lies). News of his concoctions and skills reached the ears of a rather shady group of mercenaries, thieves, and cutthroats respectable gentlemen who offered membership and protection in return for access to the various nasty poisons, explosive concoctions, and his methods of deception that he could think up. He accepted there offer and can now be found in and around Austria and southern Germany fighting along side them or cooking up the various concoctions for them from his home near Salzburg. It is heard that he is still making gold for some of the local nobles.


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