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Egon the Sequesterous


Born in a year yet to be determined, in the small village that is yet to be determined, Egon was early on recognized as special. At the age of 9 days, he somehow made his way into the bakebox of the neighborhood outdoor oven and was discovered there late in the afternoon. There was a great furor, as the village authorities tried to determine whether Egon had been in the oven while it was up to temperature. An investigation was launched, a witchsmeller was called, and in the ensuing actions, 163 of the 164 villagers were hanged, drowned, or burnt. Seeing potential in the baby, the witchsmeller took him to a nearby cave where he found a wet nurse. She had tragically lost each of her 12 children in freak accidents involving runically engraved knives and stone tables with curious grooves and straps. It was very late in the year, seven weeks before Christmas, and the witchsmeller had to report his activities to the Church, so he left Egon with the wet nurse.

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