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Viscountess Elisa von Sophey (Viscontessa Elize da Nizza)

Elisa was born in Nizza, Savoy (modern-day Nice, France) around 1510, daughter of a merchant on the spice routes to India. Shortly after the battle of Pavia (in 1525), she met a Landsknecht Hauptman (Captain) named Karl who was travelling through Nizza on his way back to Saxony.   She thought it likely she would never see him again. The French were a bit upset by their astounding loss at Pavia and decided to attack Savoy a few years later in retribution for Savoy's support of the Holy Roman Empire in that battle.  The invasion force quickly swept toward Nizza, prompting Elisa's father to send to her safer lands, with her mother's family in Saxony...where fate brought her to meet that same Landsknecht Hauptman, whom she eventually married.  Although living in the Holy Roman Empire, she still considers herself very much Savoyarde/ Savoisienne. In the SCA, Elisa served as the 48th Princess of Oertha.   She is currently a combat archer, an archery marshal (target and combat), and the editor of the Letter of Dance, a newsletter for research in medieval and Renaissance dance.  Her own focus of research is on reconstructing German peasant dance based on period woodcuts.  She is a the past Chancelier (Chancellor) of the Academie Atlantienne de la Danse, and a current member of Westdance, the West Kingdom dance guild.   Ever prepared should an opportunity arise to engage in her favorite activity, she typically comes equipped with speakers and recorded music. She is also working on a series of teaching videos for dance to hopefully be posted to the web for helping more rural groups to develop a dance culture.


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