Lord Gregorius
     Gregorius was born on the northern frontiers and
apprenticed to a craftsman at a young age.  As he grew
to be a husky lad he caught the eye of the local Auxiliary.  
He quickly decided that soldiering beat working for scraps
and whippings.  In his first battle
, the Auxiliaries were
employed with the customary concern for their survival
and he was one of the few survivors.  

With typical efficiency he found himself promoted to
replacement legionary in the IVth and marched off to
LONDINIVM.  He was not particularly fond of the heavy,
scratchy wool or bad wine there.  

After years of engineering a superior transportation
infrastructure for the backwards barbarians (aka carrying
big rocks to make roads) he finally saw action again.  
Although it was only a brawl at a local house of ill repute
the clever commander was such a braggart that he made
the hostess and two trollops sound like international
terrorists and leaders of a revolution!  He even convinced
citizens that the old hooch makers worshiped trees and
sacrificed babies!  This got all of them reassigned to
Rome and lauded as titled heroes.  
    Gregorius's size and war experience helped get him
briefly stationed to the Praetorian Guard protecting the
Emperor.  While the pay and status were nice
, the
constant parades and polishing were too much like being
an apprentice again.  Gregorius once again moved to the
far northern frontiers to train and abuse the Auxiliaries.