Lady Issobella de Johnstone
 Also known as "Mumzie," Issobella was reared in the
Scottish lowlands where she had lots of prime lands and
wealth since the vast majority of Scots seem to have
chosen to live in the highlands.  Her extreme dislike of
most household chores except sewing caused her to
trade work with many village women, which allowed her
to become unusually practiced at making clothes.  She
continued this habit along with keggeling (bowling) as a
camp follower when her husband soldiered in exotic
   Later in life she returned to her beloved lowlands in
the deep south of Scotland where her reputation as a
seamstress spread.  She has made clothes for such
notables as Robert the Bruce, William Wallace, and
other princes and princesses.  Her pride in all things
Scottish, along with the limitations of the only local
fabrics being wool and leather, has caused her to
undertake wild experiments to create greater varieties of
materials.  Her most notorious was an attempt to create
lighter wool and leather by breeding arbor
eal sheep.  
Unfortunately these unusually clever muttons' prehensile
tails and opposable hooves allowed them to easily
escape.  Rumors are that they have established primitive
communities and even steal children leaving woolly
changelings in their places.
   These rumors along with being caught making
naughty intimates for local nuns and novices drew
somewhat negative attentions from her neighbors.  
Fearing that someone might jump to accusing her of
witchcraft she, like Julian of Norwich, has had herself
walled up in a chamber as an Anchoress, with only a
small slit where she takes sewing projects in exchange
for Cokes and cheesy-poofs.  Some suspect that she
also has a secret door, as she has been spotted on
occasion at the Mart near the Wal.