Lady Margaret McCallum
    "Volunteered" to enter training as a novice at an
unusually young age.  Despite generous support from
her family her first convent in the hill just west of Dublin
was closed.  After an adventurous trip to a new nunnery
near Cork she was disappointed to find that it had also
been closed.  Eventually she was located by a monk and
directed to a new convent in Belfast which, due to the
influx of Scotts, is also concerned that it may not survive.
So as a full novice she was sent to a convent in Scottland.
    Novice Maragaret was surprised how much more
relaxed this nunnery was and happy too with her
assignments such a tending the hard-to-fence-in arboreal
sheep and brewing beer.  While contemplating her vows
she was surprised to learn that this was not, in fact, a
Catholic convent and that she had accidentally joined the
reformation.  Reformationists were so taken with stories
of Martin Luther rescuing involuntary nuns that Margaret
has been rescued now on more than one occasion, which
has given her much more opportunity to travel and see
the countryside while being exposed to less novice-like
pursuits such as archery, camping, and dancing.  She
misses the days of closing down Catholic convents, but
after several honorable and other proposals from a
certain gypsy/tinkerer, her resistance is wearing down.