Lord Nigel Lostwolf
Nigel was abandoned in the Highlands of Scotland and
raised by the rare arboreal sheep.  In the Sheepish
language, Nigel means "wool-less one."  He has been on
many quests to cloth himself like his foster parents, and
so has added layer upon mismatched layer until he finally
just decided to become a mercenary.  (So yes, he
is a
wolf in sheep's clothing.)  His other career aspiration is to
be a Court Fool, but for now has to settle for being a  

The name Lostwolf was given to Nigel by Titus, King of
the West, at Pennsic XXXVII (2008).  Nigel was supposed
to help guard the Princess of Oertha, but wandered away
during Midnight Madness for the Princess to have to find
him instead.  (Note the penitential Pennsic haircut in the
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