Rowland of the Normandy Hill
Growing up as a strapping lad in France, Rowland was
always looking for a fight.  Using great cunning young
Rowland came up with a plan to start a war to indulge his
more anti-social tendencies: he told Duke William that the
Saxons were "naughty."  While not much of a plan, it
worked for the duke and off they all sailed.

Don't recognize the story yet?  Then
watch the video for
a refresher.

Butchering naughty Saxons was all that he hoped but he
was surprised how anxious other Normans were to
receive lands and titles
in England.  Rowland had no use
for that, so taking the only thing that impressed him in
England, some amazingly light weight wool, he caught the
next boat home.  The Norman ladies were excited to see
at least one of their men come home, and were thrilled by
the new light weight wool, which they used to make a
tapestry to commemorate the Norman victory at Hastings.
 Rowland became quite the favorite of the court ladies
with his detailed descriptions of the fighting and naughty
Saxon intimates.  

When the other husbands began returning, he decided
that it would be wise to join the duke for a little Sicilian

To be continued...?
This one is Rowland.