Earngyld Device    Shire of Earngyld





Monthly Meetings

Join us for business meetings the second Tuesday of every 3rd month at Asiana Gardens in Mendenhall Valley.

Thursday nights are Fighter Practices at Riverbend Elementary 
School at 6:00 p.m.  On those nights when we have business 
meetings, practice will start immediately after the meeting.

Rapier practices are Friday nights at Eduard's house.  Please 
contact him for details.


Seneschal - Aneria verch Thomas
Deputy Seneschal for the Northern Reaches of Earngyld - Rahl Shumann
Other Deputy Senechals - Ciaran Blackthorn, Elisa von Sophey
Exchequer - Eduard Theobolt
Constable - Hagar MacAndrew
Marshal - Karl Helweg
Heavy Marshal - Karl Helweg
Target Archery Marshal - Elisa von Sophey
Combat Archery Marshal - Elisa von Sophey
Rapier Marshal - Eduard Theobolt
Senior Heavy Weapons Marshal-at- Large - Alberic Haak
Iron Key - Karl Helweg
Herald-at-Large - Alberic Haak
Chatelaine - Mella Casandra de la Selva
Gold Key - vacant
Arts and Sciences - Elisa von Sophey
Chiurgeon - Aneria verch Thomas
Chronicler - vacant
Web Minister - Irial Blackthorn