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Information for Newcomers

SCA Main Website
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Newcomer Resources
Modar University's Newcomer Information

Persona-Related Links

Academy of Saint Gabriel (Name Resources)
Armour Archive "I Want to Be a..." Forum
German Renaissance Costume YahooGroup

Games and Gaming

Modar University
Rules to Period Games

Frequently-Used Websites

SCA Main Website
Membership and Member Numbers
SCA Publications
Kingdom of the West
Descriptions of Kingdom Awards
Kingdom Calendar
Kingdom-Level Officers
Principality of Oertha
Order of Precedence (Awards)
Descriptions of Principality Awards
Baron Khevron's Heraldry Pages
Oerthan Armoria


Martial Information

Start Here! (Critical Information)
Kingdom Earl Marshal (pending new address)
Society Earl Marshal's Page
Society Handbook (Marshal's Handbook)

Armor/Heavy Weapons
Armour Archive (chat site/information)
Bokalo's Armoury  Illusion Armoring  Von Sussen Enterprises 
Horsefriend Armory 
Ice Falcon
Cold Forge Armoury
Known World Treasures
Historical Arming Coats
Age of Armour
Robert McPherson
Oaks Armoury
Wasson Artistry
Medieval Reproductions
Iron Monger Armoury
Stone Keep Armory
Viking Leathercrafts
The Ring Lord
Knut Osterstrum 
Wind Rose Armoury 
Ring Mesh
Golden Boar
Knot Wolf
Anshelm Arms
Brian Brown Armoury
Winter Tree Crafts
Horton Brassworks (vervailles)
Crests Unlimited (custom helm crests)

  West Kingdom Archery Guild (information)
  North Star Archery (
  3 Rivers Archery 
  New World Arbalest 

Female Fighter, Fencer and Combat Archer Safety Equipment
  Triplette Competition Arms/Zen Warrior (chest protectors)
  Misc. Etc. (pelvic protection designed for ladies)

  Triplette Competition Arms/Zen Warrior
  American Fencing Supply

  James the Just/Amazonia Enterprises


Useful Items and the making therof (Needs formatting)

Sites That Offer a Broad Range of 
Pillaged Village 
Crazy Crow Trading Post 
Sykes Sutlery 
Smoke and Fire
Jas. Townsend and Son
Panther Primitives
Get Dressed for Battle 
Windrose Armoury/Renaissance Arts and Designs
(armor, t-shirts and screen printing) (S+)

Sites By Category
Arts and Sciences
Apollo's Axes (musical instruments)

Gode Cookery (free period recipes)
Frenchy Bee (hard-to-get ingredients, verjus)
iGormet (food-related search engine)
iGourmet (specialty food source)
Fabric, Trim and Sewing/Arts/Crafts
96 District Storehouse/96 Fabrics
Thai Silks
Pillaged Village (trims) 
Mary Jo's Fabrics 
Woolrich Woolen Mill

T'ger Toggs (tights and menswear)
Thistlebee's (blackwork, hoods and caps) 
Hooded Hare (hoods/hats,Viking stuff)
Cavalry Regimental Supply (boots)
House of Avalon (hats, neck ruffs, garb)

Tandy Leather
Brettuns Village
Moscow Hide and Fur

Moonstone Pottery
Reannag Teine (painted pottery, including
custom work and devices)

Miscellaneous Cool Stuff
Hern Iron Works (custom iron casting)
Pirates of the Dark Rose





Seneschal - Aneria verch Thomas
Deputy Seneschal for the Northern Reaches of Earngyld - Rahl Shumann
Other Deputy Senechals - Ciaran Blackthorn, Elisa von Sophey
Exchequer - Eduard Theobolt
Constable - Hagar MacAndrew
Marshal - Karl Helweg
Heavy Marshal - Karl Helweg
Target Archery Marshal - Elisa von Sophey
Combat Archery Marshal - Elisa von Sophey
Rapier Marshal - Eduard Theobolt
Senior Heavy Weapons Marshal-at- Large - Alberic Haak
Iron Key - Karl Helweg
Herald-at-Large - Alberic Haak
Chatelaine - Mella Casandra de la Selva
Gold Key - vacant
Arts and Sciences - Elisa von Sophey
Chiurgeon - Aneria verch Thomas
Chronicler - vacant
Web Minister - Irial Blackthorn